M. Reza Emami

Aerospace systems are genuine mechatronic artifacts characterized by the synergistic integration of their mechanical, electromechanical, and electronic components, as well as built-in informational constituents in the form of microcontrollers. Design of such systems is complicated, as the conventional decoupled or loosely-coupled approaches can hardly provide optimal or even sub-optimal solutions. The primary objective of the Aerospace Mechatronics research thrust is to develop systematic frameworks and modular, hierarchical architectures for the concurrent, detail-level engineering of aerospace systems, from conception to configuration to integration to realization and implementation, by using the expert's knowledge base through the object-oriented hardware-in-the-loop simulations. Some of the group's current applications include Insect Robotics, Heterogeneous Robotic Teams, Rehabilitation Robotics, and Linguistic Mechatronics.

Name Prof. M. Reza Emami
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